BroadSoft has been focused on delivering real-time communications services such as voice, video, and unified communications services over their IP-based, broadband networks to telecommunications services providers everywhere for more than a decade. Their years of experience and dedication has enabled BroadSoft to perfect the way they deliver innovative communications applications capable of exceeding the competition.


Here’s how:

As an extension of BroadWorks, the hosted pbx/IP Centrex application enables service providers to effectively facilitate the delivery of PBX or Key system functionality to global enterprises all the while reducing the need for associated capital, lease, or even maintenance costs of complex premise-based telephony systems.


BroadSoft Hosted PBX/IP Centrex comes complete with:


• The same great business telephony features and functions that BroadWorks users have come to expect.

• The BroadWorks mobile Unified Communications platform, allowing corporate control over mobile devices and the conveniences of a desk phone on the go.

• The integrated Call Center, Conferencing, and Messaging feature.

• Built-in Video Business and Video Telephony services operating via the BroadWorks Multimedia application.

• Effortless integration with existing corporate applications such as CRM, ERP, and vertical applications.

The Benefits of BroadSoft far Surpass those of Asterisk

Despite continued consumer demands for the developers of Asterisk to re-create the system, many consumers are still left unsatisfied. When using Asterisk Realtime, a portion of the configuration management can be offloaded to a backend database without requiring a complete system reload.

While this may be a step in the right direction, it is nowhere near the innovative success that Broadsoft pbx has experienced. The carrier-grade soft-switch platform delivers an encompassing view of the steps of configuration; from provisioning to number assignment, carriers will benefit tremendously from the ability to utilize a single interface for everything from administrative tasks to user-driven options.

BroadSoft is also supported by a world-class, technically sound team of global support representatives.