Cloud-Based, Unified Communication

Streamlined Communication and Productivity

Looking for a way to streamline your communications processes? A Unified Communications Solution is the way to go.

Affordable and Accessible

Once reserved for larger businesses, and those with a substantial net worth, Unified Communications are now available to all businesses thanks to BroadConnect Telecom. This accessibility affords business the key advantages and productivity boosting effects of Unified Communications without having to over extend their budgets.


With Unified Communications services from BroadConnect Telecom, you’ll have access to rich video and audio conferencing tools. Our conferencing solutions allow you to quickly and seamlessly communicate with multiple employees at one time. You’ll be able to easily connect with employees, regardless of their location – while at the same time, increasing productivity.

Exactly What You Need

BroadConnect utilizes the BroadSoft-Microsoft Hosted UC Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution. We have united proven applications to deliver Unified Communications as a Service in the cloud. This means that organizations are now capable of purchasing only the UC services they need – when they need them.


Using BroadSoft’s MobileLink technology, you’ll have the ability to extend your desktop phone to your existing smartphone. Don’t worry about missing important calls – bring your business PBX service with you. Use your corporate identity while on the road, all while incurring no extra fees or service charges.



  • Increased Productivity
    When deploying UC solutions, employee productivity experiences a significant spike when communications tools are integrated across multiple touch points such as Microsoft Office and CRM software.
  • Increase Efficiency
    With BroadWorks Anywhere, a single phone number rings to any number of devices therefore important business calls never go unanswered.
  • Heightened Collaboration
    Share documents with a single click, collaborate in real-time, with the integration of both voice and video.
  • Single Point of Communications
    End users can get all their messages – voice, video, mail and fax – easily organized in their Microsoft Outlook inbox. No more multiple mailboxes for your office phone and mobile when selecting the Joint Solution.
  • Hosted PBX Outlook Integration (Joint Solution)
    By integrating our Hosted PBX phone system and Outlook, you gain a unified way to communicate with customers and business partners seamlessly. This joint solution enables users to make calls with a simple click of the mouse directly from Outlook by employing their contact list.

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In any business, voicemail is crucial. This is because it is easier for people to reach you at any time by leaving a message. But voicemail is also an example of how communications can be more accommodating and more confound. On a daily basis in your business, how many voicemail boxes are controlled? Individual voicemail boxes have to be set up and greetings for each need to be updated regularly. At regular intervals, you have to check for any new messages and access is probably different for each individual mailbox. Being able to transfer, forward or reply to a voicemail between systems is not possible. But you have to remember that to delete a message on either your cell phone or office phone is not the same. Today messaging is often a collection of independent vessels and service providers voluminously lacking the ability to interact with each other without any problems. UC on your office phone system can basically annihilate these barriers of messaging communications.

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There is more to conferencing than three-way calling

With more people being mobile and working remotely, conference calling has increased in popularity considerably. If decisions need to be made and time is of an essence, conference calling is able to have all the right people together and talking. There are some small business communications systems that have their own built-in conference bridges. Using this capability, you can instantaneously set up a conference call at anytime, anywhere, and use any phone. This system is not only offers convenience; it also saves you money because it will eliminate any of the costs that you would have to pay to outside conferencing services. By holding only a couple of conference calls a day, a company will be able to see a quick return on its investment to have this type of solution.

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Taking Your Desk Phone with You

Today, everyone want to be able to work anywhere with ease. This is the reason why today’s small business communications systems are able to permit you the opportunity of turning your home or mobile phone into an actual office extension. Being able to follow you anywhere are the features back at your office that makes communications simple. It is as if you are taking your office phone with you without going to the office. Any incoming phone calls to your office desk phone can ring at the same time on your cell phone or any other phone that you may have set up. You are able to control the calls on your cell phone just as you would on your office desk phone. You can forward calls, put them on hold, switch back and forth between two calls, have other people conferenced in, transfer the call to another phone and so on. It’s just like being in the office when you are somewhere else.

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