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Modern economical shifts have pressed the necessity for businesses to do more with less, while increasing productivity and leveraging their existing resources in as efficient manner as possible.

In past years, video conferencing was a tool reserved for only the largest enterprises and those with the capital to afford to procure and maintain expensive video communications solutions. Typically, such solutions were large ‘room-based’ systems designed for conferencing purposes.

Improve Business Relationships

Using video conferencing gives you the ability to provide better and more immediate and personalized service for your customers.

Access to Resources

Video conferencing lets you get immediate access to the important resources needed to complete tasks, no matter where they are located.

Increase Employee Effectiveness

Video conferencing offers a way for employees to have more effective communications between each other as well as with customers.

Reduce Travel

Video conferencing allows face to face meetings to take place without leaving the office, cutting down on travel expenses while keeping employees home.

Radvision Scopia Desktop

Scopia desktop video conferencing solutions create a smaller and greener world while making you more effective.

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Hosted video unified communications (UC) has brought revolutionary advancements to organizations with a desire to streamline spending. Its use has proven to be a competitive advantage, and helps drive revenue. Video conferencing solutions are now available to the business community as a whole, through a Software as a Service (Saas) offering.

In association with our industry leading telecommunications partners we at Broad-Connect have introduced both room-based and ‘Personal Telepresence’ video solutions. Our hosted-video solutions are aimed at evolving the way businesses connect and communicate. We endeavor to provide a solution affordable for all businesses, not just the major players.

Our technically skilled video engineers will work closely with you to develop a cost effective video solution that meets your budget and requirements.

  • Virtual Video Receptionist for friendly Customer Experience
  • Business-to-Business Video for working smarter
  • Video Training that can be interactive
  • Remote Experts offer great advice on demand
  • Video Mail is the next step in full communications
  • Video Call Center allows for a higher level of customer satisfaction

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