Unified Communications Solutions

UC, Unified Communications integrates your network and devices to establish real time collaboration between coworkers, partners, and customers regardless of their geographic location.

Unified Communications Systems

BroadConnect offers two main platforms to achieve Unified Communications. End users demands for quality access to authorized communication resources, regardless of their location or device of choice, is the driving force behind UC.


A Virtual PBX phone system from BroadConnect is the foundation for advanced business communications, which include:

  • Mobility
  • Voicemail to Email
  • Selective Call Forwarding
  • Video Conferencing
  • Audio Conferencing
  • Web Conferencing
  • Hosted Call Center
  • Hosted Contact Center
  • Voice Broadcasting
  • Remote Office
  • Advanced Call Reporting
  • Hunt Groups
  • Analytical Tools


SIP Trunking replaces traditional fixed telephone PBX with premise based IP PBX services. Alternatively, you can connect to a legacy system with the help of Citel products. Either way you gain access to BroadConnect Advanced VoIP Features. Developing a plan to determine the best method of gaining these IP based communication services is important for maximizing your benefits. Here are two popular ways;

Skype for Business: All collaboration tools reside on the Microsoft server so integration and proper connection to the PSTN is important for HD Voice. Avaya IP Office: Begins as a IP Phone services and by turning on features a full suite of UC becomes available.

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BroadConnect utilizes the BroadSoft and Microsoft solutions. These proven applications deliver Unified Communications Solutions in the cloud OR with premise based IP hardware. This means organizations have the choice of purchasing the Unified Communication services they need, when they need them.


Unified Communications Systems & Collaboration (UC & C) is a multi-dimensional solution that empowers your workforce to streamline the collaboration process and increase overall organizational productivity with real time interactions between coworkers, partners, customers, and suppliers.


Reduced Travel

  • Internal UC & C ANNUAL Cost Savings Compounded Rate of Return 22%
  • ANNUAL Conferencing Compounded Growth Rate 12%
  • ANNUAL Web Self Help Compounded Growth Rate 12%
  • ANNUAL Web Chat Self Help Compounded Growth Rate 24%
  • ANNUAL Social Media Compounded Growth Rate 25%


Gain access to your resources regardless of our location or device of choice



Everyone wants to be able to work anywhere with ease. This is the reason why today’s business communications systems are able to transform your mobile phone into an actual office extension. It is as if you are taking your office phone with you without going to the office, like being in the office when you are somewhere else.

  • Any incoming phone calls to your office desk phone can ring at the same time on your cell phone or any other phone that you may have set up.
  • You are able to control the calls on your cell phone just as you would on your office desk phone.
  • You can forward calls, put them on hold, switch back and forth between two calls, have other people conferenced in, transfer the call to another phone and so on.

Keep in mind that we are living in a smartphone age in which mobile devices are increasingly chosen over standard PCs.



Once reserved for larger businesses Unified Communications (UC) are now available to all businesses thanks to BroadConnect Telecom. This accessibility allows all businesses to key advantages and boosts productivity without having to push their budgets.


Using BroadSoft’s UC One technology, you’ll have the ability to extend your desktop phone to your existing smartphone. Don’t worry about missing important calls, simply bring your business service with you. Use your corporate identity while on the road and NOT incurring extra fees or service charges.


With Unified Communications products from BroadConnect Telecom, you’ll have access to rich video, audio, and web conferencing tools. Our conferencing solutions allow workers to quickly and seamlessly communicate with each other one on one or in groups.


Share documents with a single click, collaborate in real time, while being integrated with voice or video. Worker productivity tends to experience a significant increase when integrated across multiple touch points such as Microsoft Office and CRM software.


Today messaging is often a collection of independent service providers lacking the ability to interact with each other without problems. UC on your office phone system can basically remove these barriers to communications.

How we do this with Unified Communications:

  • Having to maintain an multiple voicemail systems, our single voicemail system can be accessible from anywhere.
  • Voicemails left on your office phone system can be digitized and e-mailed to your smartphone, where you can click and listen.
  • E-mail messages can be read to you at the same time you’re reviewing voice messages, with text-to-speech ingenuity.
  • Small business communications are capable of visual voicemail, allowing you to be able to sort, scan and review your messages. You are also able to skip to the ones that are of most importance rather than having to listen to them in the order.
  • A great advantage of UC is bringing all of your messaging together. This saves a lot of time when it comes to checking and managing multiple in-boxes and keeps you on top of any important messages.


The BroadSoft Telecom Communications Platform is the backbone of our VoIP services and we specialize in BroadSoft applications and deployments. The core communications platform consists of:

  • BroadWorks – the leading VOIP platform that brings you expanded service reach, application integration, and operational cost savings.
  • BroadCloud – a fully-managed, end-to-end communications platform providing you with both standardization and flexibility.
  • UC-One – a unified voice, video, IM, and presence communications experience for your employees, across mobile and desktop platforms including Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS.